A Don Piper Situation

A Don Piper Situation


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A Don Piper Situation What It Is

Aged and Wise
Free to Grow
A Fair Shot
Float Thru Passersby
Dying To Be Old
Nobody You Know *
Yes I Do
Snow On Me **
The Less I Know Is Real
In My Lifetime

Recorded on a weekend in April 2013 at Brooklyn Recording
Engineered and Mixed by Andy Taub
Tracking assisted by Rick Kwan
Mixing assisted by Cameron Alexander and Nick Nagurka
Additional engineering by Don Piper and Joe Pisapia
Snow On Me and Nobody You Know mixed by Don Piper
Mastered by Simon Lancelot

Don Piper : Vocals, Guitar
Konrad Meissner : Drums
Matthew Horn : Banjo, Clarinet, Alto Sax, Vocals, Percussion
JD Foster : Bass
Gary Langol : B3 organ, Lapsteel
Matt Trowbridge : Piano, Wurlitzer
Ray Sapirstein : Cornet, Valve Trombone, Washboard
Briana Winter : Vocals
Peter Salett : Vocals
Syd Straw : Vocals ** *
Andy Taub : Mandolin*, Glockenspiel**
Joe Pisapia : Pedal Steel
Mary Rowell : Fiddle *
Chris Speed : Tenor Sax
Laura Poe : Vocals *
Stephen Maglio : Vocals *
photo by Lisa Hargus

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Produced, engineered and mixed by Don Piper
recorded at Between The Trains in

*Recorded by Craig Ross in Austin, TX
Matt Horn assisted in recording

Don Piper : vocals, guitars, lapsteel, bass, keys, drums,
accordian, xylaphone
Matt Horn : drums, vocals, guitar, clarinet, violin, piano,
melodica, sk1
Tom Siler : piano, organ
JD Foster : upright bass
Drew Glackin : lapsteel
Craig Ross : drums, vocals, loop, guitar
Nikko Weideman : wurlitzer
Pamela Miller : vocals

Cover art by Ray Fiero

MP3 Download (78.7 MB ZIP)

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Produced, engineered & mixed by Craig Ross & Robbie Adams
Recorded at Dreamland studios , West Hurley NY
Assisted by Sue Kapa
Mixed at the Magic Shop, NYC
Assisted by Juan Garcia

*Produced, engineered & mixed by Mike Musmanno & Shelly Yakus
Recorded and mixed at Tongue & Groove Philadelphia, PA
Assisted by John Connelly

Don Piper : vocals, guitars, mc303, melotron
Matt Horn : drums
Ed Parrinello : bass
Kevin McMahon : guitars
Chris “Frenchie” Smith : guitars
Craig Ross : guitars
Mike Musmanno : wurlitzer
Ezra Weisner : vocals

Final mastering by Ken Heitmeuller
for Hancock / Independence NYC
Also mastered by Greg Calbi
at Masterdisc

Cover art by Neil Sreenan

MP3 Download (29 MB ZIP)

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*Produced, engineered & mixed by Brian Beattie
Recorded in Brians garage, Austin

**Produced & engineered by Chad Fischer
Recorded at Outland studios, Hollywood

Song For Joy recorded & mixed by Ming & Mac
Recorded at Madhattan studios NYC

^Remixed by Ming & Mac

Don Piper : vocals, guitars, drums, sk1,
Brian Beattie : bass, toy piano
Mike “Thor” Harris : drums
Chad Fishcer : drums

cover painting by Walter Krudop
cd design by Joel T. Jordan & Don

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